Depths of darkness - Deeper than hell


A simple and fun roguelike for everyone


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Depths of Darkness - Deeper Than Hell is a very simple roguelike where your goal is to get to level 99 in a dungeon full of monsters and treasures waiting to be found.

Unlike other games in this genre, Depths of Darkness - Deeper Than Hell is played exclusively with the mouse and has a simple and intuitive gameplay. To pick up objects, for example, just go over them to add them to your inventory automatically.

Combat is also very simple: you attack first and then the monster attacks back. If you die from the counterattack, you have to start from the beginning. Luckily, you can see the monster's level and attributes before attacking so you can strategize accordingly.

Depths of Darkness - Deeper Than Hell is a roguelike with a lot of options, which is why it's so simple (to control) and yet so addictive. Getting to the end of the dungeon and defeating the final boss, however, will not be quite as easy.
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